Industrial is not just for men´s work

There is always talk about manpower, but we respect more womenpower!

Industrial is (for some reason) 90%+ filled of men workers.

Most of our grinders, inspectors and experts are men.
But happy to say that we also have womens working in our company and hopefully more in the future.

And not just in office work!

In photo´s left side you see Katja Heiskanen who is our long term grinding person and inspection assistant.
In the right side of photo you can see Oona Paaso. She is just 20 years old but have been working for piping work since 16 years, and industrial projects 2 years.
Oona is very hard worker with more attitude that most of men´s.
Last weekend i asked if she can start shutdown work during weekend. She was very sorry that cant come, because of going hunting bears in weekend!

In photo you can see (second from left) our Kemi office project assistant Susanna Hakki. Second from right you can see Tuija Ruokonen.
Tuija is our project worker in Valmet as project assistant in BTT project.

Behind you can see view from sunny Kemi, and huge Metsä Group BTT-project.

Past week was last bigger shutdown for this Kemi old factory. Lot of memories from this factory and have given work for many of us.

We are happy to participate of new BTT project and factory.
Lets hope great succeed and future for Kemi and BTT project!